Coming to Nigeria

Hello world. After 17 years I have finally made it to my ancestral homeland. I was nervous, afraid, intrigued and ultimately just plain curious to see what the other side of the world had in store for me. However, before I go into further detail about my first impressions, I figure I should provide you with a tad bit of back story.

The quest to visit the motherland started last year when we were supposed to visit over Christmas break. As you will learn over time I am my mother’s child, so due to a tad bit of miscommunication and some dragged feet (on my end) the trip had to be delayed. So fast forward to round two and I find myself in a whirlwind of graduating from UNC (go Heels!), closing on a DC (well… northern VA) apartment, buying a flight to Europe (haha at that moment felt like a true Rockerfeller), and meeting family in Nigeria – all in four days!! Needless to say everything has been a blur, but hey what is a good life if not one in the fast lane.

The preparation for this trip has been intense. My mom has literally donned the hat for midyear Santa and my sisters, step dad and I have been her little elves running around for the past month trying to gather all of the riches that America can offer. To provide some perspective, we checked 5 luggages on our 17 hour Delta flight. Of the 5 bags (that are full of gifts for our family), I was designated to live out of my carry on bags. At the moment, however, my bag is now vacationing in ATL as the plane was BORDERLINE OVERWEIGHT as we flew over the Atlantic (found out that little nugget of news after we landed) and as the scary rapture books incessantly remind you, “some [bags] had to be left behind…” In hindsight, pretty sure the whole plane was trying to play Santa as well as I saw three different people with TVs at baggage claim and almost everyone had a duty free bundle tucked under their arms. So, depending on when my bag arrives you may see my debut in some fine African attire very soon!

While the missing bags were a bummer, I will say that it wasn’t all bad as I partook in a much appreciated bevvy of the complimentary spirits that Delta Airlines offered. Buuut for some strange reason my mother now sees me as a lush and insists on some prayer when we get home… haha gotta love her!

I would also be remiss if I did not mention the complimentary police assistance we got when taking our bags to the car. I will say I acted in true tourist form when insisting on getting pictures of the officers as they had their rifles slung over their shoulders without a care in the world. Like any other hustlers, they were more than pleased to get their expected tip! Haha I probably would have voiced my irritation with their “kind duty” efforts due to monetary expectations rather than a desire to fulfill their civic duty, but they had machine guns so…. o_0

Now I find myself trying to adjust to this awkward five hour time difference as I watch MTV music videos, however…. I just accidentally hit a button and now I’m watching Barney teach me about Old McDonald. le sigh. Well, since I’ve touched every button on the remote 5x like a 3 year old and am now being serenaded by Baby Bop, like this DVD’s target audience – it’s time for bed (btw almost positive one of these girls is Selena Gomez!). I guess I’ll curl up to my Agatha Christie until daybreak or until my sporadic narcolepsy decides to hit – either will do! Ciao.

No journey is too great when one finds what he seeks...

No journey is too great when one finds what he seeks…


Just got paid... Friday night!!

Just got paid… Friday night!!


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