I’m on Vacation!

Beep. Beep. Beeeeeep.

That is the sound that I have heard without fail every night since I’ve been here. It sounds like a heart monitor on its last fatal pumps, but in reality it’s the cable box as the power has gone out – again. Sometimes it’s due to the generator going out, other times it’s due to the government regulating energy consumption. No matter what the cause I now realize the purpose for all of the flashlights in every room.

I’m trying my hardest to be a happy camper on this trip. I am a bit (quite) stubborn and if I don’t like something I have no problem letting the world know. It is selfish of me, but yes misery truly enjoys company. Since I am such a nuisance at times, my mom and I struck up a deal >>> she had to consciously try not to annoy me and I would solemnly try to not be a brat (which is a feat for the both of us!). We’ve had our ups and downs, but for the most part the deal is still in tact – praise God!

While it has been nice to meet with family, at times I wonder if I made the right decision to come here. A few months ago my sisters offered me the option of going on a cruise with them to St. Thomas since my oldest sister passed some test that allows her to be a practicing suegeon (yay her!) – but it was at the same time that my mom was planning on coming to Nigeria. Now for most people this is an easy choice, but I tend to make things a bit complicated. As the youngest in my immediate family, I felt it was up to me to rekindle family relations outside of my mom when her duties on this earth were finally done… I just figured that Facebook can only do so much and I should accompany my mom in visiting her mom. <<<<< see most ppl don’t think that way!

Now, you’re probably wondering why my sisters aren’t on this trip with me and are instead galavanting on some beach. Well, the simple truth is that they are scarred from our last visit and I’m not sure the mental wounds have scabbed over yet. A little over 20 years ago my mom, sisters and I went on a little jaunt to visit the fam and reestablish some roots. I won’t go into all of the details, but basically we got into a really bad car accident. One sister broke her clavicle and arm, the other broke some ribs and busted some teeth. One had to endure a surgery… that she was awake for… the entire time (haha turns out it was the surgeon) and the other is just scarred from the experience of it all. As for me, well I was thrown out of the car and the rest of the car spent about an hour looking for me in the woods. It was a little hard for them because even as an infant I enjoyed sleeping so there were no helpful cries coming from me. They eventually found me nestled by some trees unharmed. Now, the story gets a bit unrealistic when I say they smelled gas the entire time they were looking for me and as they reached the top of the hill from where the car landed the car exploded….. see, i knew you wouldnt believe me! Trust me, I didn’t either when my mom first  told me, but the sisters confirmed the story a few Thanksgivings ago.

But now I find myself up before dawn, again, just having finished loading a van of our stuff as we head to visit the grandmother. She lives five hours away from Lagos in a small village called Benin in Edo state. I pray there’s internet. I pray there are cool stories for me to tell. Most of all I pray that I can sleep in just once since I’m on vacation!!!


What are your thoughts?

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