Well… My Mother Grew Up in a Village

My uncle stepped on a cockroach with his bare foot. I took a tour of this place 3x without an air conditioner in sight, and I got four mosquito bites – all while taking a bath (mind you all of this happening within the first 30 minutes of us arriving!).

Our 5 hour trip turned into a 7 hour journey due to random cars blocking the road at different points along the way. But no worries, cars including the one I was in, drove the opposite direction on the wrong side of the highway – nbd. As of late I’ve noticed that my prayer count has increased drastically whenever I’m in an automobile. It’s possibly due to the fact that on the first day I was here I noticed there were no lane markings on the road, I never saw a traffic light, and the amount of honks here puts NYC to shame. My aunt just laughed it off and stated that people make their own lanes here. Over time, especially today, I’ve noticed that a two lane road could potentially become a four lane highway if the space permitted and the traffic were dense enough.

While the day started rocky, it was great to see my favorite aunts. Even though I was six the last time I was here, I distinctly remember these women because they have a way of making me feel more at ease when I feel I’m outside of my element. The same held true today. It was great catching up and seeing their smiling faces. It was even good to see my belated uncle’s other wife (yes, he had two wives. And you thought poligamy started in Utah..). Haha this is something that took me awhile to get used to as they each have their own private section of a giant house. But since they’ve made this work for 30+ years I say keep on keeping on.

The best part about today was seeing the glow in my mom’s face as she chatted away with her sisters. Being away from my sisters for these two weeks is hard, so I can’t imagine having gone seven years without seeing them like she has. The longer I’m here I’m learning that family – beyond just the immediate – can be a true constant if you allow it. I’ve got cousins in Boston and Texas I haven’t really talked to in years, but it took me coming to Nigeria for us to finally communicate. There are unanswered Facebook messages from cousins in Nigeria that I knew I’d get to “eventually” and I have nothing to say when they ask me how come I don’t check in. These few days have shown me that while I’m becoming an adult in society (graduating from college, having a job, putting down money on an apartment) I’ve still got some growing up to do in my personal life. ….oh no! the generator just went out. And I think that’s how it’s going to stay for the rest of the night. It’s currently 89º in case you were wondering. 😦

Sir... you're driving the wrong way!

Sir… you’re driving the wrong way!

The cause of all the comotion...

The cause of all the comotion…

Mom (on right) with a few of the siblings

Mom (on left) with a few of her siblings

A few of the cousins.. the little gremlins!

A few of the cousins.. the little gremlins!


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