What’s electricity?

That’s something I’ve thought randomly as it has had a very vague presence since we came to Benin. Now, I thought the heart monitor type electricity in Lagos was bad, but I’d gladly trade that for the ghost that electricity has been here. The past three days I’ve noticed it comes on just long enough for me to charge my phone, drag a file from my computer to phone to stay entertained, but no matter what by the time the sun starts setting we have to use flashlights and lanterns to get ready for bed. Now that I’ve realized the pattern, it’s actually not so bad.

Don’t get me wrong in the beginning I hated it and literally thought I was dying because one night I did not sleep a wink because of the tanning bed I felt I was sleeping on – very shocking to me as prior to that night I had great pride in saying I could sleep through most anything (Carolina basketball games, alligator boat tours, roller coasters, etc). I’ve spent the past couple of nights truly listening to song lyrics and still slowly trying to adjust to the time zone. For instance, did you realize The Police’s Roxanne is about a prostitute?! Not sure i ever tried to deduce what a red light was, but I sure didn’t gather she was a lady of the night!

I’m also realizing I miss The Script and Ke$ha. Haha and no, I haven’t truly updated my iTunes since my freshman year so many musical musings of the past few nights have been a little outdated, but that hasn’t stopped random sing alongs to keep me and the younger cousins entertained.

A great thunderstorm came through here two nights and with it washing away my negative attitude, it also drastically made the weather a tad more manageable – I slightly feel these two are highly correlated. Today was a fun change of pace as I decided to have an impromptu dance party with my two favorite aunts after dinner. I must say teaching these 65+ women how to fist pump and jump around on beat and try to sing along to the chorus of Calvin Harris’ Sweet Nothing was something I definitely wish I recorded in the waning sun.


Attempting to make pkire.. Sadly can't pronounce, but they're plaintain chips. Yum!!

Attempting to make pkire.. Sadly can’t pronounce, but they’re plaintain chips. Yum!!


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