I should’ve known Amsterdam would be an adventure just based on how we arrived to the city!

After our run in with the zoo, it took us awhile to find the correct bus to our hotel as everything was in Dutch. When we were finally on the right bus, the driver told us he’d let us know the right stop. So after getting a few minutes to breathe, we were quite caught off guard when he dropped us off – at our stop – on the side of the highway. I think we were in such a state of shock we didn’t realize what was going on until we saw the bus drive off!

As our hotel was still a couple kilometers away and there was no sidewalk, we were resigned to playing frogger with all of our bags in hopes of not dying on our first day. However, lo and behold an angel came to our rescue. He pulled over in the middle of the highway – where we were standing – and asked if we needed a lift. Now, I will say at first we were a little nervous because he was in a sketchy white predator van, but when he started hauling our bags in the trunk he had a bouquet of flowers and a bike in the back, so he couldn’t be all bad… right?!

Well, after a 10 minute ride and tips on where to go and what to eat in the city, we finally made it to the hotel. We were eternally grateful to our angel as we saw there was absolutely no way we could’ve walked to the hotel without getting run over!

As soon as we wash this bus stink we’re off for more adventures. Details to come!

The side of the highway...

The side of the highway…

Our savior who rescued us from the highway!

Our savior who rescued us!

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