I’ve never been a fan of the zoo.

London was so quick and now we find ourselves headed to Amsterdam. We managed to pick up another Tar Heel and our adventure to Amsterdam could not have been anymore stressful.

We thought we lost our new addition and it took us 45 minutes to find her. Turns out she was two hours early, but waiting for us nowhere near where we originally decided (women – sigh!). Haha, but lucky her because we were going to get on the bus without her.

After finally finding her and our train, I figured the bus ride was finally coming together. Well, that is until we tried boarding the bus and the driver yelled at us to throw away our McDonald’s. Now, I love McDs as much as the next person, even more so in Europe because the dollar menu tastes reeeeeally fresh so me throwing away my food was not gonna happen. So after a few batted eyes and pretending not to understand his course English I and my cheap meal settled in for a long night.

Now, this bus ride was rather ‘confrontational’ as a gentleman pretended not to know english when I asked if we could trade seats (so that I could sit by Sarah). He then proceeded to speak in clear English (we later learned he was from Amsterdam) when he felt the need to interject into our cross aisle conversation.

After awhile I made friends with this gntleman, but I can’t say the same when speaking of the zoo. There were a few teenage girls on our bus (all of whom dressed in animal onesies – I guess not to lose each other) and they were quite interesting. As we were in line at the ferry stop trying to get our passports stamped, I think the giraffe and hippo felt threatened that we were trying to cut them in line. Now, usually I don’t care about cutters and cuttees as I have cut and been cut numerous times in life. It just boiled my grits when the giraffe boxed out and practically pushed me out of line to ensure that the rest of her Noah’s Ark gang made it on the boat before me. What made it worse is that they were clearly talking about us (I want to guess in Russian) and giving us glares the whole time we were in line.

This is why I have never been a fan of the zoo. The animals are always annoying and after awhile you’d rather be enjoying a nice quiet movie at home than in a cramped, smelly place where the animals are free to roam – and potentially bite you.

The zoo... -__-

The zoo… -__-

What are your thoughts?

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