Was unexpectedly freeeeeeezing!!!!! Goodness. I’ve never regretted not packing boots for a summer trip so much in my life. Haha my pant to short ratio is unfortunately lopsided and I’m wondering if I’m ever going to see warm weather this summer.

While the weather caught us a bit off guard, it did nothing to detract from our time here. In a nutshell, Amsterdam is gorgeous!! With various canals, a mirage of different people and quite a few tourist attractions we were busy for our two days here.

We had a lot of fun at the van Gogh museum. Seeing his work up close and personal was truly magnificent. What made it even better were the people laughing at our conversation as I wondered why artists (like van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, etc.) were famous and if they were ‘Beyonce‘ popular during their time (ie were mesmerizing and had a cult following) or reached greater success after death or had it all like Elvis.

We also had fun as we toured the Heineken factory and learned how this timeless beer is created. While we had fun, the most important thing I learned while on the tour is that ‘foam is your friend’. While I used to be one of the many to feel cheated if I got more than one row of bubbles, we learned that the foam helps keep the drink staying crisp and fresh and all that good jazz. So, the next time a bar keep gives you some foam, be grateful – he’s looking out for your best interest!

While I enjoyed the city, one thing I could do without is how cheap it is. If I ever needed to use the restroom outside of my hotel room, I had to pay! I would go thirsty with all of my meals because complimentary free tap water does not exist. I don’t think I realized how much the states spoiled me with my free water cup and toilet until now…

Now. I was going to skip this story out of sheer mortification, but as this blog is supposed to document my excursions here goes. On our last night in the RLD I thought it’d be cool to try and get an artsy picture of the red lights for the blog. I took a couple (ensuring the flash was off), noticed they were blurry changed a setting, and I’ve never seen a flash shine so bright in my life. Now, what I have failed to mention is that from our Red Light District tour we learned that the girls can get VERY pissed if they catch you taking a picture of them. However, since I was clearly not pointing the camera at anyone I thought I was okay. So, as I was reviewing the pictures on my camera, I heard a door slam, felt cold liquid run down my back, and yelling in Russian that I can only imagine was incredulity at my picture taking. Little did I know I was standing directly under some windows and the girl saw the source of the flash. I was mortified to say the least, but most of all I was wondering what the heck she poured on me. Little did I remember when I was rehashing the story to my friends that on the tour we learned the girls have been known to pour urine on those they find taking pictures. They made it clear to stand away from me – for no reason I might add as I am 98% positive that it was water (praying she was a little humane since I’m a lady and not a creepy guy) . I want to say I was livid, but at the end of the day I knew she was valid in her actions.

Haha after that, let’s just say my camera didn’t see daylight for a few days as it tried to recuperate from its traumatic experience.

Favorite Van Gogh - "Shoes"

Favorite Van Gogh – “Shoes”

One of the famous UNESCO canals in Amsterdam.

One of the famous UNESCO canals in Amsterdam.

Awkward guy photo bombing us outside of the Heineken museum

Awkward guy photo bombing us outside of the Heineken museuum.

Outside of a Famous Coffeeshop the Bulldog

Outside of a Famous Coffeeshop: The Bulldog

The picture that got me soaked...

The picture that got me soaked…

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