Is beautiful. While on the way (as we rode a train through the Alps – literally!) and once there, the camera shutter kept fluttering to capture some of its beauty. That’s all there really is to say about this place. Not much to do, but plenty to see as we threw caution and our map to the wind as we wandered the streets to see where we’d end up.

This is an experience that is better documented through pictures. However, I will highlight the fact that Sarah made me sleep on a camping grounds during our time here. Now, I will say that the bathrooms were surprisingly clean and we never had to question safety as we went left our belongings behind and explored the city. However, it all went downhill as the first night I woke up with fire ants (plural) and a spider in my bed. Well, of course I tried my hardest to pull an all-nighter the second night, but for those of you that know me you know that’s virtually impossible (many a friend has diagnosed me with narcolepsy).

In my mind I could rough it. But unless I’m in an RV with a mattress, TV and running water next time – I’m sure nature would appreciate me as much as I appreciate it from now on. :/

****AND. I forgot to mention that we were witnesses to a precious proposal. The table right next to us, was cute and the proposal simple. I must say, however, that Sarah stole the bride’s thunder as she was gushing and creating a huge commotion and shedding more tears than the soon to be pride – people these days!****

Gondolas we couldn't afford

Gondolas we couldn’t afford…

...even more.

…even more.



I just don't know...

I just don’t know…



Home sweet home.

Home sweet home.

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