What can I say about one of my favorite places so far?! I’m not sure if the sites or the people that have made this stint of out journey so amusing. Part of me thinks it’s the latter, but I don’t want to diminish the greatness that is bestowed in such a city.

Our trip started like any other, arriving without a place to stay. After wandering many a four star hotel and being asked to leave after pilfering “free” WiFi meant for their guests (which in my opinion, if there are stipulations then it’s not really free) and finding an internet cafe, we were able to locate a hostel that needs a special mention.

Ivanhoe Hostel is a great little hostel right in the middle of everything. Now, what made me love it is the quirky sarcasm of the employees and the brazen friendliness that nearly every guest showed. Our stay was perfected when we stayed in a 12 bedroom dorm room, 7 of which were taken up by the nicest American guys from Delaware that a gal could ask for. From the swim and lacrosse teams at their school, these guys only added to the family feel that the hostel magically generated. From incessant snoring, to waking up with feet in my face, to haggling vendors for a megaphone, to ensuring Sarah and I got home safely, these were some genteel fellas that surely left an impression by the time they left.

Rome itself was wonderful as the ruinous architecture is truly captivating. My favorite site might have been the Colosseum. Besides the two hour photo shoot we turned the place into, it was interesting in how many friends we made simply by asking them to take a picture. My favorite was easily this lady who was truly perplexed by the faces we were making in one photo and she stated ‘I’m next’ and hopped in with us. She tried her hardest to make the face as well, and it was all in good fun that our shoot ended in a resounding success with her.

Haha the ruins were ruined and by the time we reached them we were too tired to enjoy them. The Trevi Fountain was also semi-enjoyable as we took pretty cool (and sad) solo shots amongst the many couples (haha, have I mentioned this is definitely not a place for lonely broads like ourselves). What made it worst was that there were quite a few people trying to hustle long stemmed roses while we were there. All I kept thinking was sir, the purchase of this long stemmed rose will not generate a man!

Chillin in the Colosseum

Chillin in the Colosseum

The Colosseum

The Colosseum

Gotta love Ivanhoe and my lovely wakeup call...

Gotta love Ivanhoe and my lovely wakeup call…



Raondom Italian who wanted a picture with me...

Random Italian who wanted a picture with me by the Trevi Fountain…

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