I Miss Free Water.

Now. This may seem ridiculous that a whole post is dedicated to this concept, but it’s true!

In Amsterdam, I noticed they only sold bottled water. Upon further reflection, I realized I never saw a glass of water unaccompanied by a bottle in any other city I’d traveled to at that point on my journey. After getting a dazed, perplexed look from my waiter when I asked for a free glass of tap water, I realized that I’d be looking at many a dry meal in Europe.

Sadly my observations from three weeks ago are still confirmed as I have not had a consistent meal with a drink (unless you count me smuggling in my grocery store juice into a Lebanese restaurant one night).

In order for you to understand my perspective, let me first say that I don’t usually ever buy a drink when I go out to eat at home (unless it’s chick-fil-a lemonade). I have always been content with water and a lemon slice. Especially since it’s free, it tastes better than any overpriced coke. However, the reason I feel as if I’m suffering here is because not only are Europeans not going to serve me my free water as a well deserving patron, but they are now going to charge me a 3x overpriced, smaller CAN of coke?!

This my dears is what I’d like to call extortion and outrageous. Not only am I forced to be thirsty, but if I decide to indulge on the luxury of a beverage I need to savor every drop because there is no such thing as refills over here boys and girls.

I have yet to understand why the people of Europe have not revolted. Yes, their money is stronger so they may not understand that I’m really paying $6 for one can of coke (with no refills). They may think of me as a silly American, but I wish everyone here to know they’re being bamboozled when it comes to their parched throats.

Not only this, but when we tried asking for bread to go with our meal they charged us… for both bread baskets! Needless to say I find myself perplexed because I never thought I’d say I don’t have to live in Europe. I want to enjoy a nice free appetizer of bread and butter with a refreshing glass of lemon water before I enjoy my meal. However, this may never come to pass in Europe and for that reason I may never be a resident if this great continent. Well… this and the second-hand smoke. I can’t. *cough cough*

What are your thoughts?

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