It’s true.

I had a feeling that God was warning me after these two Barcelonean incidents to be careful and alas, I was not vigilant enough.

On our overnight train from Barcelona to Munich (yes I know, many a person thought a train was senseless and a plane was the way to go as it was a 20 hour ride) I was enthralled with my book (Pride and Prejudice) and figured I’d charge my external battery instead of my phone. Now I should preface that the only outlets were in the urinal-esque bathrooms on the train. So, instead of awkwardly standing in the stall and inhaling the fumes, I thought leaving the charger behind would be the better alternative.

I left it in the bathroom for about an hour. When I went back – of course it was gone. I should’ve known better. I know. But at times my ‘Carolina Girl’ mindset comes out and the concept of someone stealing from me just doesn’t ever cross my mind (there was a time I left my computer, wallet, honestly everything in the library unattended for 6 hours while I went to frolic and get food – I know, stupid).

At the end of the day this is a silver lining as I lost one of the cheapest things on me. Nothing compares to what Girl From Wisconsin lost, so for that I am eternally grateful.

What are your thoughts?

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