This stop. Haha was a rather interesting one. Usually our plan of finding a place to stay once we get there is fool proof. Munich… wasn’t having it.

Upon realizing that we could not afford a place to stay for two nights without potentially being homeless for the rest of the trip, we used wit, humor and tenacity to get us through these long nights.

Essentially we made the train station and local McDonald’s our home for two nights. And before you turn your nose up at the experience I’d say it was rather fun. Now I know most people would not be down for this experience (haha my mom was livid when she found out… after the fact). I’d say it created character, and except for the random homeless person touching me and and then another screaming at us, we overall appreciated our ‘home’. And if you must know the details, we stored our belongings in lockers and took showers at the station (€7 to use the shower that was cleaner than some of the hostels we stayed in btw!).

Other than our home, we had fun at the Hofbräuhaus beer garden and tried a ‘Radler‘ which is essentially an Arnold Palmer except for iced tea it’s beer. The concoction was quite good, and again something you should try at some point in life.

One last thing I’ll highlight is the Rischart pastry shop. Their desserts >>>> crack. If Paris is anything like this, I’ll soon be featured on a TLC special for my scientifically astounding weight gain.

Backwards clock. That works!

Backwards clock. That works!

Cool manmade wave pool

Cool manmade wave pool

One day... this shall be mine!

One day… this shall be mine!

Hofbräuhaus. Sausages and a liter of beer

Hofbräuhaus. Sausages and a liter of beer

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