Club McDonalds

Never in my days did I think I would see these golden arches as a beacon of salvation, and yet I feel I must let you know how much this establishment has meant to me over the weeks.

Whenever I needed a free bathroom McDonalds was there.

Whenever I needed a meal less than €6 McDonalds was there.

Whenever I needed free WiFi to send a quick email to the fam or post a quick Insta, McDonalds has always (it) been there!

Throughout this trip, I’ve noticed just how much the Europeans like the arches and the stark differences between the fast food chain at home and abroad. In Europe McCafe is an actual cafe that’s offset from the restaurant (even in the train stations). There are really nice espresso cups and real plates and forks as they serve you your muffin. At home it’s a gigantic coffee machine near the drive thru window and the only pastry offered are the apple pies.

In Europe, McDonalds are veeeeery clean. They have workers whose sole job is to just go back and forth and pick up trash, wipe tables and ensure the bathrooms are clean. At home… let’s just say I’ve never noticed that much attention to cleanliness except for the one outside of the Biltmore.

One last contrast I’ll make note of, is that you need to pay for sauces in Europe – and I mean all of them. So when I asked for ketchup and was told it was €.20 I was quite shocked. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve noticed that some McDonalds charge for sauce in the states as well; however, if they were to ever stsrt charging for ketchup in my heart of hearts I believe Americans would start a protest.

Overall I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my European McDonalds and I’m sad to depart them. The greatest feature of them all is that usually we heard American Top 20 music in quite a few of them, so it felt like we were in a club as we ate our €1 chickenburgers. Fun times!

These are all different McDs from different countries. Not sure where they are, but they jus tlook so classy!

They should make these in the states

They should make these in the states

Such different menu options!

Such different menu options!

Never too far..

Never too far..

McCafe is separate from McDonalds

McCafe is separate from McDonalds

A real life cafe in McDonalds

But a real life cafe. With tasty McFlurrys!

Prices so high... praise God for coupons!

Prices so high… praise God for coupons!


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