She Thought My Hair Was Real.

Haha I kid you not. The lady we stayed with in Paris was shocked to know I had a weave in my hair. She said that almost every Parisian would think the same as black hair care is not up to par as compared to the states. I was rather perplexed and intrigued and it wasn’t until I wandered the streets more that I understood what she meant.

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures as I thought it’d be rather rude to take pictures of people to show you how paltry their hair (in my opinion) looked – but take my word for it when I say how I can see how she thought my hair was natural.

This led to a full blown conversation between us and her interracial friend group as we talked about hair and race relations and many other differences between the US and France. It was a riveting conversation and at the end of it all they thought that Sarah and I should start a business for black hair care in Europe as there is clearly a market.

Now, not too long ago Sarah and I talked about starting a ‘lemonade stand’ type business in D.C. modeled after this fun shack we saw in Venice serving spiked smoothies. After talking of this, our consulting gig in Barcelona and now potentially a black hair care line in Europe we are coming home with a lot to think about.

What are your thoughts?

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