There is not much to do out here except to eat, sleep and shop.

Since we are on our last few Euros, I can’t say that we’re doing much of the third option. Sarah’s friend (H) who just moved to Dublin was our tour guide. Overall, I’d give him a B+ because he was basically exploring the city with us for the first time as he made up facts about the city, but he passes due to style and chivalry (he opened some doors and gave us a place to crash!).

One of the highlights of the trip was the chance to tour Google: Dublin. To say that I was salivating for a job after the fact was an understatement. From healthy, balanced meals in the cafeteria (H informed us that most people eat breakfast and lunch at work everyday) to these inventive creative areas to great asthetics outside, I can’t imagine how poeple get work done in htis office. I sadly was not allowed to take pictures (pretty sure Google doesn’t want other companies stealing their creative flow, therefore I decided to be ambigous in my description of the office in case they decided to track me down!).

While we did not get a chance to go, I’ve heard that one should definitely make it out to the cliffs. Knowing us, we thought we’d get lost out there so we decided to stay near people.

What are your thoughts?

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