Reflection II.


I can’t believe all of my international adventures have come to an end. From Africa to a tour a Europe to transitioning to this new chapter in my life as I prepare for a full time job (soooo not ready) I can’t believe the whirwind that my life has been over the past few months.

There are a few people I’d like to thank for making this little journey possible.

First Carolina: This place has truly cultaived and shaped me over the past four years. Affecting my political beliefs, my personal  character, the way I think and interact with people and allowing me to become the (if I do say so myself) amazing person that I am today – I want to say thank you. Some great people have been along for the ride (especially Hoover, Roush, the Byers, Kids Club, AI and countless others) and this trip honestly would not have happened without them.

Second the Family: From our ups to our downs and all arounds, I love my family and honeslty know I would not be here without htem. As a first generation American my mom has always stressed having a better life and my sisters have definitely left behind some massive shoes to fill. Our quartet has worked for years and I am excited to see where life will take us in the future.

Third Carolina again: While the university has helped shape me, the people seriously allowed this dream of mine to come true. Thank you Phillips committee for believing in me. Seriously, thank you Hoover. You have been my rock for the entirety of my time at Carolina and I hope to make it up to you one day. Thank you Humphries for the whole idea of the Olympics angle. Thank you Penny for putting up with me over the years and being my “life coach”. Thank you Wolf my partner in crime, I’ll surely miss you.

Fourth “Tha Dummy”: Hahahaha what would this trip be if you were not by my side helping me wreak havoc in Europe for the past five weeks. From almost getting a job as a party promoter in Amsterdam (seriously folks, we were really close), to getting scolded by an American from Boston in France for fighting on the train (totally your fault), to getting side eyes and door slams from the buzz kills in Barcelona we’ve been through it all and I’m excited for our next chapter together.

If I’ve met you, thank you. In some capacity you have had an influence on my life (for better or worse) and each day I am learning how to forge my own path on this earth because of you. If you haven’t met me yet… haha well Lordy. I’m excited for the day you get to be graced with my presence!

What are your thoughts?

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