Today has been one of those days where I did a deep self reflection (ie: played ‘Clair de Lune’ [thanks Google {sn: those Doodles, really do end at midnight. Not okay Google, I was definitely feeling a vibe!!}] on repeat as I watched Scandal reruns on mute) as I tried to figure out what to do next.

To me ‘next’ is such an arbitrary word as it implies that the now is not good enough. The present must be upgraded. Today will always have a Napoleon complex around tomorrow. I’ve realized that I do not like thinking about the next, but the now.

So today, I decided that this blog is not going to be a nice memoire I glance at from time to time as it chronicled my adventures in Europe. Right now, I am typing the first of many posts to come. This blog is not going to be about travel, or food, or fashion, or what really irked me today, but it’s going to be about the now. The random ramble I had in my head, the cool tumblr I stumbled upon created by some tween (true story), the witty joke my co-worker told me, the modified mortification that I’ll inevitably share with you (because seriously, my life is a comedy – you’ll see).

Anyway. For those of you still awake, this post is for you. In the most famous of words from my favorite founding father:

“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” – Thomas Jefferson

Or even from my surprising inspirational source Nike:

Yesterday you said tomorrow [or even] Give up giving up…

So tonight, I leave you with Miley Cyrus. For, like any proper mullet (perfect hairstyle to represent my life) Debussy kept it classy, but Miley is my girl and just “bout that life…

What are your thoughts?

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