Oh Obama.

Through my job (which I’ve been meaning to blog about for ages), I’ve learned quite a few things about the Affordable Care Act, the Marketplace and how it will affect the lives of millions of Americans. I’ve done research, read articles, kept an ear on the news and overall, I feel like an informed citizen who can spot the BS – on both sides. So, one may ask why I was so impassioned that I proceeded to yell at my surgeon sister this weekend when she couldn’t honestly tell me two facts about the bill and how it will affect the people she cuts open?!

It’s simple really. She is an educated American who doesn’t really know much about a political issue that has been plaguing the American public for over three years now. This problem is so big, one has to wonder where to point the finger on why everyone (even those preaching on Capital Hill) are so lost.

So. The real queation to ask is – Who should we blame for widespread American Ignorance? Is It:

A. The Citizen: Afterall, if you are ill informed isn’t up to you to ensure that you aren’t ignorant? With the world at our fingertips and Google making it easy to learn anything at any time, anywhere… it’s kind of your fault if you spent more time watching Breaking Bad instead of learning what’s going on.

B. The Media: As a journalist (in my mind, not in practice), I’ve realized the masses are always pointing the finger. “Fox is too extreme.” “CNN is too liberal.” “MSNBC worships Obama.” No matter what outlet you choose to get your semi-biased information,  I will say all media outlets have dropped the ball. Over the years there has been much coverage on the debate, but no so much on the bill.

C. The Government: There are honestly not words. With the finger pointing, tongue lashing, gridlock and red tape that has been thrown at this thing over the years, one would think we could use tax payer dollars to help us understand what is going on. But we don’t…

After heavy consideration, I do believe the correct answer is C. The Government. In particular, the White House. Now, let me explain myself. No matter what political party I affiliate with, or cut slack to, I am truly appalled at the actions of both parties in recent weeks. The problem is that neither side has chosen to EDUCATE the public. One side says it’s going to hurt you. The other side says it’s going to help you. I say I wouldn’t know who to believe, I just want to make sure I have a job tomorrow (<<<<<< the thought running through many Americans’ heads).

Republicans: In my mind are mad geniouses. Challenging the credibility, Constitutionality, and now trying to chop the financibility of this healthcare bill shows tenacity, shows gumption. I just wish the party had politicians who could vocalize the party’s stance without appearing like crazy extremists who can’t use Google and refuse to speak facts. But hey, why not try one last attempt at stopping a bill that could gravely impact their financial supporters (come on… like we all didn’t realize that the party cares more about their financial backers than the health of the American people). The funny thing is, is that if people opened their eyes they would realize the insurance companies are going to get a windfall of money from a larger pool of people now qualified to pay premiums – it’s just that they will also have to do their job and insure the people they considered to be a “liability” in the past.

Democrats: What can I say except I am gravely disappointed and almost disgusted in the way you have handled this situation for the past few weeks… heck months… heck years! It’s been three long years and the fact that Republicans have even minute (pronounced “mine-ewt” – vocab lesson of the day; used as an adj) support from the American public and polls are showing citizens would rather repeal Obamacare than not have a job tomorrow is mind blowing! Where are the ads (Obama) that you blasted when you were running – why weren’t funds spent like that for the EDUCATION on this initiative?

Disclaimer: I know campaign funding is quite different than the funding that would go into this initiative, but giving me marathon speeches for the past week to support this bill in the ninth innning is too little too late.

Of course I realize there is so much that Obama can do as Syria and other diplomatic issues have been at the forefront of his mind; however, this is what an administration is for and this has poor planning and foresight written all over it.


Since the House has sent Congress the budget again, this time delaying the implementation of Obamacare for a year (something I feel like they will keep doing until Chris Christie takes office [they hope]), we will see how long the government shut down lasts. I am not a fan of political parties playing chicken, but us average citizens will just have to wait and see which political party will blink first – and I’m sure the Republicans have gallons of eye drops.

I’m done.

*steps off soapbox, drops mic*

What are your thoughts?

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