People find motivation in a variety of ways.

Whether it’s that weight loss ad on TV or seeing a loved one becoming frail from a nasty illness, different things motivate different people.

So, please don’t judge me when I say Olivia Pope (not Kerry Washington) is my source of inspiration for today.

I woke up at 5:30am this morning to workout, ate a salad for lunch, and decided to fully immerse myself into my work – not saying that I haven’t before now, but this makes my day seem a little more fulfilling besides working out and eating right!

In my mind, if this lady can fix everyone’s problems (but her own), save a former B-13 Mastermind from the streets, juggle two men, and still have time to swim & jog – I can sure spare a few minutes in my day to have a healthy lifestyle!

With season 3 of this amazing show coming on TONIGHT, Olivia has been my idol and recent source of motivation – well her and homecoming.

If you’ve never seen this show – you’re missing out. I’m almost willing to give you my Hulu login so that you can catch up!


What are your thoughts?

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