If after all of this time you are still unsure how the Affordable Care Act will affect you, or you know of some people who think Obamacare is horrible for the nation but the ACA’s implementation won’t be so bad – this video is for you! Please share with those who still may be a little fuzzy on this issue.

BTW – 1) My first BAH project is working on troubleshooting issues people are having with the Marketplace – kinda cool. 2) I have been trained and certified to distribute insurance after my extensive involvment, so if you have questions please ask! 3) I’m starting to be a huge fan of Jimmy Kimmel. The above link was hilarious (and borderline sad), but I also loved his interview with Kanye – I just wish he’d quit trying to push for acknowledgement of her “talents”!


The Simplest Explanation of Obamacare… Ever!

What are your thoughts?

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