Fresh Eyes.

With the new year people always make these grand sweeping proclamations and announcements that are supposed to radically change their lives and perspective on it. Now, don’t get me wrong I am about to relay to you my epic sweeping ideas in a bit, but it’s nice to point out that while my ideas are impressive (at least to me) the expectations I have of myself to commit to these are monumental.

The reason I am posting this on the 6th is 2 parts procrastination and 1 part digestion. I really wanted to adjust to my list and only write down what was attainable. Last Wednesday was not only a fresh start to a new year, but a way to look at life with fresh eyes. I really want this year to be the start of a lifestyle change. From eating better to standing up for myself more to changing some personal character flaws, I want to grow as a person, friend and full-time professional this year. Why people pick January 1 to always make these decisions (including myself) is beyond me. Whether you choose last Wednesday, July 4, your birthday or your anniversary to that special someone you need to choose that that day – or better yet today – will be the day of change. I’ve given myself 6 days to marinate. Give yourself a few days, think about what you want to see change in your life and commit.

My Wondrously Extraordinarily Pompous List for 2014:

  1.  Daily Quiet Time – As a Christian I really want to mature my relationship with the Lord. If I am not putting in the time and effort to stay connected to Him, how will I grow closer to Him (true for any relationship)? Whether a Christian or not, everyone should take a little time each day to meditate and reflect on their day and see how they managed to impact the world. Each day’s meditation can help improve your tomorrow.
  2. Eating Habits – I’m a perpetual snacker. Whether feeling hunger pains or not I’m always eating. The past few days I’ve realized I haven’t felt hunger pains in years but just a strong desire to eat something. I need to change that this year. For the foreseeable future I am going to be a pescatarian and cut out fried foods. Grand gesture #1 – I know. I’ll definitely indulge every now and again but indulgence and everyday norm are two different things!
  3. Figure Out How to be Responsible – From actually helping clean my apartment to being better about time management this is DEFINITELY a much needed change.
  4. Focus. Purpose. Passion. – These words (when used as nouns) describe what I want in my life. I want to figure out my Purpose in life, throw myself Passionately into it and Focus solely on this. I have an interest in everything; however, interest and passion are two different things. If you’ve found yours hold on tight. There are many people who are jealous.
  5. Tithe ( consistently) – Again, ties into my faith. Again something I should already be doing.
  6. Start a Book Club – My roommate and I have been talking about this. I want to see it into fruition, 12 books in 12 months. Shouldn’t be too hard. Although, we’re already nicely into January so I’m sure this month’s book will be a light read!
  7. Update Blog Weekly – There are always so many ideas I want to post, reflect on and share. However, lack of diligence on my part and ample loads of procrastination have me happy (at times) posting monthly! Well, no more. granted I don’t have copious followers like Blair Edy or a show that spawned from my blog like Courtney Kerr, the thing I like most about them is their consistency when posting. Something rather simple to achieve if you ask me!
  8. Job Hunt – In my head I’m like a butterfly always finding something interesting, but never settling in one place for too long. With figuring out passion comes figuring out career choices. I’m not sure where either will take me, but I’m excited for the ride.
  9. Work Out – After hearing my friend talk to her roommate about getting up at 5:30a to ensure quality time in the gym before work, I realized working out needs to be a priority in my life again. Sometimes daily won’t happen, but more often than not needs to occur. Again – trying to build that consistency.
  10. Volunteer – I loved going to soup kitchens, nursing homes and other things of the like. I’ve fallen off in recent years and it’s time to start it up again.
  11. KIT – There are some people who were meant to last a season in your life and others a lifetime. However, in my eyes everyone will be a season if you don’t try to keep in touch with a select few. The goal here is to reach out to those friends who aren’t in my inner circle, but I still appreciate in my life.
  12. Birth a Love Life – Pretty self explanatory.
  13. Pinterest – The greatest time waster on the planet – and I love it! I want to do something from the site once a week. Whether it’s a cool meal or a DIY project I want to flex my culinary and creativity muscles! Also, if all you’re doing is pinning and not doing –  what’s the point?!
  14. Post Europe Pics – I have been back in America since July. My mother has yet to see pictures of me as I backpacked across that great continent. This is more for her than me, but I promised and that day shall come sooner than later!
  15. Look into Grad School – I know eventually I’ll become a student again – something I’m looking forward to and loathing at the same #@!* time. However, I’m not sure for what. Whether MBA, JD, journalism, heck acting (does such a thing exist?) I’m going to become studious once again and I am ready to learn.
  16. Commit – Kind of the theme of the list so far, but something that still deserves its own bullet. My list won’t be a 1/4 complete without this and I really want to see a change in myself and that this list comes to fruitition.
  17. Relocate – Whether it’s to DC, NYC, ATL, or somewhere[else]inamerica, my time in Alexandria,VA I can tell is coming to a close. I’ve had fun in my first adult apartment, but it’s time to move on to bigger and better things.
  18. Develop Accountability Partner(s) – None of these things will happen without outside help keeping me on track. Whether it’s a person or group I need others I trust to depend on and depend on me in order for us all to improve our lives one day at a time.
  19. Become Selfless – Selfish, sadly is an adjective that can be used to describe me. While  it has dissipated over the years, there are still remnants of this character trait in me. On this quest of being a better person I’m trying to shed the negative and thrust positive into the world.
  20. Become Vested – Once I’m mentally over something, it’s hard for me to invest myself any further than what’s expected of me. I want to go deeper in everything that I do rather than always staying on the shallow.
  21. Travel – I love it. I want to continue to explore areas of the earth I have yet to visit. Already on the docket – Miami and Jamaica! The goal is 5 new places, so we’ll see where this year takes me.
  22. Save – I’m the worst. When  I see a check deposit into my account my mind thinks I have to perpetually spend until I reach my last $100 that I need to stretch. Well, no more of that I say! I have enough clothes and since I’m curbing the whole eating out thing I’m sure this won’t be hard to attain anymore.
  23. Be Happy – In recent months I’ve noticed I have a slight anger problem. Nothing too crazy, but it festers until I either erupt or suppress it with running. As I’ve learned firsthand recently, life is too short. I need to address things in a timely manner or let them go. After all, my being angry only affects me!

And that folks is my Jordan Year list for 2014! I’m excited for the highs, the lows and ultimate growth that this year has in store. Hopefully you’ll experience the same.

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