To Quit… Or Not to Quit…?

Sometimes I like Facebook because you stumble upon gems like these. Now, I would never condone this behavior as it is quite reckless and leads to no good when on the hunt for another form of employment; however, I love when people are creative when dealing with common situations. Below is a story about Jenny DryErase. She quit her job with a bang by emailing these photos to the entire office (sidenote: never do this… ever. Don’t be “that” person who floods my inbox). She thought she had won the battle against her boss until he came back with an even better response…. Enjoy!


Now… take a moment to get your giggles in check. You good? Okay… Now to her boss’s response….


After this back and forth, you have to wonder what the office dynamic was like before she quit?! Needless to say folks, never do this. It’s unbecoming and you just killed a reference!

*Disclaimer: being the pretend journalist that I am, I did some sleuthing and stumbled upon this. It kind of takes away from it all, but since I’m positive most people won’t read this post in its entirety, I am happy that most of you will live in ignorant bliss and truly believe that some people do in fact go out with a bang!

What are your thoughts?

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