So, once again there is this age old question of what is beauty? and how does one find it? and how come only certain looks and skin tones are “it”?

Well.. Buzzfeed had four women participate in an experiment. Each woman modeled in a professional photoshoot and then had Photoshop experts retouch the photos to make them look like “cover models”. Their reactions are quite surprising and not what you’d expect when given such an opportunity.

“It’s natural to be critical of yourself, it’s natural to be uncomfortable or awkward… but you just have to know that the ideal just doesn’t exist.”

While I probably paid more attention to the comments people left than the video itself, I must say I agreed with some people that this has an eerie feeling of being staged. I mean really… only 4 women and they were all aghast by what the computer did and had these amazing quotes [like the one above] about loving your imperfections. Puuuuuuh-leaze. Now, I agree, this is a great video with a beautiful message, but they could’ve toned down the cheesy just a bit.

Beauty is in the Eye of…

What are your thoughts?

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