I believe in conspiracy theories.

I believe JFK’s assassination is beyond the scope of one man. I believe that another intelligent life form could exist. I believe Beyonce & Obama could have a thing together (haha, I kid! You’ve gotta love the French for deflecting).

After many years and many tears, I also believe that in the Toy Story franchise, Andy’s mom is Jessie’s previous owner, Emily. I don’t care enough to explain it, but you should definitely look into the theories that Jon Negroni and the site Imgur present. It’s kind of mind blowing.

If you want even more, Negroni also presents an idea that all Pixar movies “exist in the same universe and tell one, cohesive story”. I admit, it’s too many words for me – but something I’ll check out when I’m bored one day soon. >>>> Enjoy!

Fun Fact: There’s a separate wikipedia solely focused on the products of Pixar Studios. Pixar Wiki is a fun place to click around!

What are your thoughts?

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