When you think of two people in love what do you think of?

Is it a man and a woman sharing a gentle caress? Are they the same race? Similar socioeconomic status? Same level of idealized ‘beauty’?

Why is it that most people’s default thought is of a same race, heterosexual couple? How can we start to change?

Well.. photographer Braden Summers is ahead of the game and is on a quest to change the way we think. His series “All Love is Equal” features moving pictures of LGBT couples in love all around the world. What started as a Kickstarter project is now one small step to change people’s perceptions on a global scale. Below are just a few of his photos from the series but visit his site for even more!

M-0b9eedb2d28233bbc490ce87712e2424 M-5b71a61ff0395bda28e1a66a7ed257b8 M-9f86aeb66605a993746057a19c2675f7 ParisGayStewards-d64e6f92d22674821f10966efcf9e37f

What are your thoughts?

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