I’ve kinda been known to have an addictive personality. From absently polishing off an entire bag of party size chips in one sitting, to having debilitating two week long crushes, to playing a song 47 times in a row and not being phased… I’m an indecisive lady who knows what she likes in the most inconsistent of ways. This week’s song on repeat is Miguel’s Don’t Look Back on his 2012 Kaleidoscope Dream album. While the premise of the song is how he’s a gentleman by day and womanizer by night, the simple words of the chorus are what I’m connecting to. The phrase “don’t look back..” has so much meaning. To me they’re words of advice as one prepares to start a new chapter in his life – even if he hasn’t realized it yet (ie Derwin Davis when he was last seen on The Game  – how I heard this little gem of a song btw).

Yesterday, I heard some news that made me realize a new chapter is on the horizon in my life. Personally, professionaly, and physically I know that change is coming and I’m terrified, yet excited. It’s always funny how random songs come into my life at the perfect time. The last time this happened I was playing Calvin Harris’s Sweet Nothing the entire time I was running 4 1/2 miles on the side of the highway – crying. Let’s just say that song helped me purge some pent up emotions my last semester at Carolina. While many a Tar Heel gave me worried pittying looks as they drove past, it was the best and easiest way for me to move on from my “problems” [haha it’s always funny to reflect and realize the worries of yesterday are overcoming memories for today].

Anywho. As this week is 1/2 way over, is there anything you need to move on from? A friend that’s no good  for you? A habit you’ve been meaning to kick? A job that you have when you’ve always wanted a career? Whatever it is, do what you need to do and don’t look back. At times life has a way of happening outside of your control. Sometimes we intend to start new chapters, and other times life becomes the author of our lives. Whatever is happening to you, for you, without you take it for what it is, learn from it, and as my friend [in my head] Miguel says – don’t look back.

What are your thoughts?

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