An Ode to Ursula

I was never a fan of the Little Mermaid.

I always thought that Ariel was too spoiled and I always thought that Ursula was truly evil (her and Cruella.. they were the only ones I distinctly remember being afraid of). Anywho, when I stumbled upon this spoken word by an Ursula fanatic I was intrigued. Apparently Disney came out with a collector’s edition of villain dolls and a few of the memorable characters received some ‘upgrades’. The most notable being Ursula, who went from being plus-sized to looking emaciated. Below is the spoken word piece (I’m sure you’ll provide a few snaps to)  and Ursula’s transformation. Enjoy!

Ursula then.

Ursula then.

Ursula now.

Ursula now.

What are your thoughts?

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