Cannabi-so Lucky?


Yes. That was a stretch. Yes. This is my lame attempt at being witty.

But as the world (and especially America) has slowly opened its arms to grass, Mary Jane, reefer, hash, kush – or to you less hip people weed – one has to wonder are we finally on track to making marijuana a national “treasure”? According to the Huffington Post‘s findings it seems we’re on pace.  Maryland recently became the 21st state to embrace the use of medical marijuana. Legalizing marijuana has been an uphill battle for its advocates. Some would have argued that Colorado legalizing marijuana in 2000 (can you believe it’s been that long?!) was an anomaly and it’d sooner revoke the law than other states follow suit. Others would have argued that 14 years later the country’s national colors would have been red, green, and blue by now!

The nation is definitely progressing with 12 states having pending legislation on the issue. However, if I may step on my soapbox *cough cough* : it is still absurd to me that our sometimes backwards country is willing to legalize another drug form before nationally legalizing same-sex marriage (if you could care less to follow the link, only 17 states allow same-sex marriage, 33 flat out deny it). Sigh. Either way, progress is progress. So, I guess I’m grateful that there’s some change than none at all – until headlines like that of Donald Sterling breakout and one has to wonder if there has really been progress at all?

What are your thoughts?

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