It Was the Orange Juice

Today has been the longest day of my life (in 2014 at least, 2013 saw some looong ones) and I barely moved from a 5 foot radius.

It all started with the orange juice. After passing out on the couch at 1:45, Jesus jolted me awake at 4:30am so that I could start packing for my trip. It took me the remaining 5 hours until my taxi came to pack for this week long voyage. However, with a little spring in my step and feeling great I managed to squeeze out enough time to enjoy Chik-fil-A with my friend before my departure. Being two hours early for my flight (again, divine favor) I felt on top of the world. It’s not until I got to security did things start to go downhill…

I already knew something was wrong when I cleared the body scan and saw my backpack pulled off of the conveyor belt. It wasn’t until the guard ransacked it and pulled out my unopened Simply Orange Juice did I realize my problem. After rejecting ny pleas to chug it on the spot and having no desire to get back in line, my heart cracked a little as I watched him nonchalantly throw away some quality liquids.

Fast forward two hours and I went from being happy watching Parks and Recreation to experiencing the five stages of grief. My flight was delayed two hours due to ‘mechanical errors’ (clearly not enough phalangies) and this is no bueño. I should explain that this is detrimental as I am flying to Orlando to embark on a 7 day DISNEY cruise (I say it loud and proud now since so many ppl make fun of me!) and the flight being delayed two hours is forcing Mickey and Minnie to leave without me.

While I’m trying to muster up fake tears to the US Airways agent to book me a flight to Cozumel to catch up with the boat, I’m also trying to telepathically tell my sister whose airborne to Orlando to stash my passport somewhere in the airport so that I can even get on this international flight. Yes! That’s right! My passport was on its way to Orlando with my sisters because for some odd reason they didn’t trust that I’d bring it. -___-

Now that I’m forced to fly to Orlando in order to fly anywhere else – I’m stuck. Not only do I have to prove on good faith that the agent can book me an international flight with no concrete access to a passport, I now have to fake cry AGAIN because he’s saying upgrading me from a domestic flight to an international is a situation where there are too many strings to be pulled.

After holding up this delayed flight 15 more minutes with my own personal drama (did I forget to mention the other passengers already boarded?), I boarded a flight to Orlando with no real plan. So now… I have to pray they can stash my passport. I have to pray a friend I haven’t talked to since graduation will let me crash on his couch for the wkd. I have to pray this flight to Cozumel will even go through! && I’m even doing some hail Mary’s just in case to see if it’s possible to even sprint to this boat.

Sigh. My life is stressful. I’m not even bothered by the four different babies crying on this plane at the same time. I blame the OJ. Next time I’ll just stick to the fresh squeezed lemonade.

What are your thoughts?

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