When DIY goes to Far…

[Maybe I should preface by saying this post is honestly for women only.]

I love a good craft. When I see that image on Pinterest come to life on my kitchen counter because of my hands I almost understand the joy people experience when they bring a new life into the world. Now, I could spend hours exploring craft ideas, creating such crafts and enjoying the fruits of my toil from said work (let me clarify, when I say ‘craft’ I mean FOOD!), but there are times when I feel that the American public should banish certain DIYs because they’ve gone too far *<<<<insert mortified emoji here!*

A few days ago, I was reading this post on tampons and how they are bad for the environment. The author mentions that each year 20 billion disposable menstrual products are tossed into North American landfills – 20 billion!! She decided to go on a quest to educate herself on greener ways to handle her monthlygift and share what she learned. I truly appreciate the exploration and education she provided because I honestly didn’t know that most of these options existed. Menstral cups, sea sponges, and pre-padded panties are just a few of the options she mentioned. They all seem to suit different needs and if it helps reduce one’s carbon footprint then I’m all for it!

HOWEVER!! The last option she mentions is a little vile. The thought of creating a homemade pad crosses the line. I just can’t imagine sitting in front of the TV, watching Suits and sewing together a reusable pad – eww – but please don’t think of me as close minded. After doing a lot of research on the issue I’ve strongly considered experimenting with the DivaCup (hello, it was named for me!) and giving it a whirl. There are times when I’m really into this hippie stuff and I’d love to not fill landfills with my business. If you’d like to make your own DIY pads, find some pretty cool instructions here! If you’d like to learn more about menstrual cups and why I’m strongly considering converting, click here! If you’d like to see the hilarity that Buzzfeed can generate when trying to broach such a sensitive topic click here. Enjoy!

What are your thoughts?

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