Why Can’t We Be Friends?


A guy bestie of mine (shortened to ‘guestie’?) sent me this link and asked me what I thought. As I watched it I realized that while satirical, there is A LOT of truth in the parody.

Ladies, for some reason at times (*cough* quite frequently) we have a subconscious desire to tear each other down, give backhanded compliments, compare/rank/totem pole ourselves to one another – stop it! Men, you have an uncanny nature to always just let things be, to nonchalantly let issues roll off your back, to not pick things apart and to never overanalyze another’s actions – très annoying!

While guestie and I had a rivetting debate/powwow/good ol’ fashioned ping session, it’s definitely a topic you should ponder today while overlaying it with WAR’s Why Can’t We Be Friends in your head. If nothing else, you can appear to be deep and insightful and spark this discussion yourself while hammocking, at a drunk brunch or whatever it is you find yourself doing as you bask in the sunlight of the weekend with your friends.


One thought on “Why Can’t We Be Friends?

  1. That Family Guy clip was spot on! Women, unfortunately, aren’t always very supportive of one another. Hopefully this is something that we as a gender can actually recognize and work on!

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