The other day I had one of those days where I question life, the purpose of it, and the blah blahs of it all. Again – the family said ‘just turn to Jesus’. The friends said- ‘don’t worry you’re not the only one feeling this way’. The television told me,  ‘oooh, we’re helping 8 year olds become Instagram famous and what exactly are you doing?! Haha I should explain that I recently watched Raising Asia (some Lifetime dance show about a spoiled kid) and it was interesting to say the least.

Anyway, after having another woe is me evening, I kind of realized that the world has a way of making things fall into place. I stumbled upon a LinkedIn article that’s a must read (it shall get featured one day soon). I realized that I suck for not contacting two amazing potential professional mentors that I met months ago. I realized that all of these random bouts of sadness are useless and UNHEALTHY. Finally… most importantly… I realized that I’ve lost sight of the little things I wanted to accomplish this year. I made a list of 23 things I wanted to accomplish in my Jordan year. After reminiscing on my words written over six months ago, and reflecting on what I have not  accomplished, I’m realizing that the universe is not conspiring against me, I’m conspiring against myself.

It’s the little things that matter. You can’t climb a mountain without learning how to crawl. You can’t make wine without a few squashed grapes. Everything worth having in life requires steps, requires a process. Overnight successes -well they suck. Theres no point of getting to the top if you’re only there for 19 minutes. These are all thoughts I’ve shared before. These are all realizations I’ve realized. However, for some reason this week truly marked a turning point. Go be the catalyst of your life. Go fulfill your purpose. While it’s hard to keep these things in check and to remember the little things, it’s honestly the little things that matter most.


It’s a funny realization that I forgot to auto-publish this piece and as I sit here at my cubicle absorbing my words after just having a random call from my manager (that has instantly changed my perspective on my job for the better), I realize that life truly can change in an instant. It’s the little things and the small steps you take that prepare you for those moments. While I’m constantly trying to mature as a person, writer, friend, [insert other nouns here], I’ve really got to retain my perspective on life and how it could be worse. Perspective is one of my favorite words and yet something that I have been losing sight of lately.

This has been a great Wednesday so far. Hopefully a new perspective and mindset is helping you have a renewed sense of self for the remainder of the week!

What are your thoughts?

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