Land of the Free, Home of the Basic

As one of those pop culture words/phrases that’s run(ning)/ran its course in our common young adult vernacular [let’s reflect on YOLO, circa 2011; Bootylicious, circa  2001;  and Whassup?, circa 1999], labeling others as ‘Basic’ has been a term of endearment for those you know who are making a faux pas, and an insult to those you don’t and wouldn’t mind keeping that way.

It turns out that Jezebel has made it easy for us to spot the most common basic tendencies throughout the nation. From LA to Dallas to DC and all that’s inbetween, we can now understand the Basic female in every area code – and how to avoid them.

Don’t feel left out gentlemen. Jezebel also created a guide for Basic Bros and where to spot them as well.

&& I know you were wondering. I’m a hybrid of a Brooklyn Basic and HBCU Sorority girl basic even though my life’s Venn Diagram doesn’t overlap with having ever lived in NY or ever attending said institution.

&& my ideal guy would be a hybrid of the Manhattan Bro and Brooklyn Bro.

Hmm… Maybe this is God’s way of telling me that my ‘bae‘ (another young adult slang term on the rise) is in NY? *starts looking at NY job listings*

What are your thoughts?

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