Honest Trailer

Lately everything I’ve found interesting has involved Disney. Maybe it’s because my cruise a few months ago was freaking awesome. It could also be that I’ve yet to find reason to pop open my very unnecessary and impulse purchase bottle of Moet and Chandon from my champagne brunch on said cruise. Or, it could just be that I’m subconsciously preparing myself to see Aladdin on Broadway in a few weeks – and can’t wait!

Either way, when a co-worker enlightened me on the ‘honest trailers’ spoofs I was mesmerized. Essentially, Screen Junkies creates spoof trailers of cinematic treasures and enlightens the audience of the movie’s true substance – you know the things marketers gloss over.

The Lion King’s spoof had be howling within seconds. It’s catchy. It’s funny. It’s intriguing. After the movie I did a little research on Kimba the White Lion and the evidence that Disney ‘borrowed‘ the idea is there. Granted many articles I’ve read have stated that the storylines are completely different, it’s pretty hard to not notice some of the blatant similarities.

PS: If The Lion King trailer had you giggling, you’ll love the Frozen – Honest Trailer as well!


What are your thoughts?

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