Friday Funny.

I’ve been a sufferer of RBF [Resting ‘Betch’ Face] my whole life.

If I’m not smiling from ear to ear then I must be upset, irritated, worried, etc, etc. – ya know, all negative things. In recent years I’ve tried to be conscious of this issue and make my resting face not look so “intense”, but I’ve realized – THIS IS FUTILE! For some reason my blank face is one of morose irritation. I’ve really tried to remedy this situation, but I’ve realized this is a character flaw that I will just have to embrace.

Buzzfeed and other videos have helped me further my appreciation of this affliction. If you are a fellow sufferer as well, I hope that you too find comfort in the fact that you are not alone.

One thought on “Friday Funny.

  1. Lol. I’m definitely not alone then. People have been complaining about it for years but I’ve accepted that it’s my face and it’s not like I’m angry so they have tp deal with it.

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