Listen to the Mustn’ts


A lot has happened in the month that I’ve neglected this thing…

A new home in the city. New project at work. New outlook on life. New man <<<<< sike!

During my transition from shameless squatter to a “homeowner” I spent my time dogsitting and going down memory lane. I tried spending my time reading The Fountainhead and Gone Girl (saw the movie EVERYONE MUST SEE IT!); however, I kept finding myself thumbing through my friend’s collection of Shel Silverstein wisdom. While I enjoyed all of Where the Sidewalk Ends and some of his other works and heard the profound, encouraging, uplifting words Silverstein provides to children (provided to me), one poem in particular stood out. The title itself was quirky and spoke to me. It’s short. It’s succint. It makes you think.

How many times have you wanted to do something but talked yourself out of it because they talked you out of it? How many times have you regretted (not) doing something and wish you had a personal time machine to go back and carry out your gut’s desire? You’ve only one life. When it’s all said and done it should be a rewarding ending of decisions, experiences, highs and lows that you’ve decided for yourself. Your life shouldn’t be a summary of what others have decided you should say, should be, should do. This is something that I’m continually learning for myself. Hopefully you’ve already learned this lesson. However, if you’re slightly older than Silverstein’s target audience (like me) and need to consciously remind yourself to live your own life, please join me on this journey of self exploration and let’s fully live the lives we’re lucky enough to still have.

What are your thoughts?

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