Quote of the Week

“When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.”

Harley Davidson


I was glancing over an article/blog post/editorial/whatever recently about how a guy recently quit his ‘amazing’ (usually one of the words used to describe this company) job at Google. He went on to talk about his first world problems and life being too comfortable or too convenient and how we’re too young to settle <<< I totally agree. Yet for some reason he couldn’t keep my attention during his waffling. I use ‘waffle‘  because he has the financial means to quit his job (for the second time, you know after he left Wall Street) so I take his self exploration with a grain of salt as he has the financial means and (most likely extensive) resources that most young professionals who are experiencing 1/4 life crises don’t have… So yeah, I may be a hater…. *shrugs*

However, a commenter (my favorite part of most online media) listed the above quote. It was simple and poignant. It’s the little grain of salt you may need to get stuck in your head as you go on throughout your day. Use these simple words as a constant reminder of how you should continuously take action and control of your life. Steer your life to what you think success is for you because if you let someone else take the captain’s seat, you’ll probably capsize… or at the minimum spread your bad attitude and discontent with your life like the norovirus on a cruise ship. <<<< yes this was a stretch analogy, but you’re welcome because I know you’ll understand it anyway!!

What are your thoughts?

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