Quote of the Week

“Be yourself. Then tomorrow you don’t have to worry about trying to remember who you pretended to be yesterday….”

Governor Chris Christie (referencing his mother) on New Day after midterm election results

I cannot tell you how excited I am for 2016. The Republican party has always managed to bully/bulldoze/seize enough politcal seats to make noise in Washington, but the energy that the party is effusing right now is mesmerizing. Now that the party has shaken the Tea Party extremist and is showing a true united front when the Democrats are all over the place, one has to wonder if the Repubs can control the entire legislative and executive branches in just a few short years. I’ve always been a fan of Christie and his ‘no nonsense attitude‘. I’ve always been a fan of Hilary Clinton – just because. I’m excited to track Rand Paul and see what he does. It’s just interesting that we already know one of two people to who will ultimately win the Republican nomination. I’m just intrigued to learn what junior Democrats will find it in them to run against Clinton, after all she was supposed to win in 2008 when the one-term Senator gave her an upset.

ps: RIP to Obama’s political future. I’ve seen him as a lame duck basically all of 2014. Now that the Republicans control the legislative (in a disgustingly obvious no contest sort of way), Obama now sadly has the front row seat to watch Republicans pick apart any advances he may have wanted and steamroll any legislature he wouldn’t want happening during his tenure.

What are your thoughts?

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