I’m late to the party. *shrugs*

Granted this comedy sketch about the girl we love to hate T. Swift debuted practically a month ago, it’s still worth noting and still worth publishing for those few of you who read my blog through LinkedIn (my ambicious audience that’s too busy for SNL, I love you and thank you for making me feel relevant when I share these (old) current topics with you)!

T. Swift has broken record after record with the debut of 1989 and her cash keeps rolling in. I have yet to listen to her album as she is currenlty having beef with Spotify and I refuse to get my music from anywhere else (especially when I throw $10/month at this particular streaming music source). I’ve gotten used to the fact that I may never listen to it (helloooo still haven’t listened to Beyonce in its entirety and that came out a year ago!) and that I’ll only know Shake It Off, Blank Spaces, and any other single she decides to release – I’ll live.

Clearly I’m not an avid Swift fan, which is why I wanted to share this SNL clip with you. For those of you who aren’t Swifties and are surprised, annoyed, bewildered, perplexed, confused that you sometimes find yourself humming ‘Shake It Off’ – this if for you. For those of you who find yourselves having the ability to belt out the entire chorus (and if we’re honest a verse or two) of said song and find it witchcraft that you know more than just the words “Shake. It. Off.” – this is for you.

It’s okay. Embrace Taylormania for what it is. She’s a pop star who is winning it at 23.

**cough, Taylor, if you need an educated black gal on your staff I’m only a Facebook, Twitter, Gchat, Instragram, LinkedIn message away!**

What are your thoughts?

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