You Are A Toy You Can[‘t] Fly

The other day I emailed my sr. manager a response to a list of points she wanted changed in a deck that I oversaw. A deck that was edited by various people on the team including others managers, staff, etc. In that email, I tried to eloquently express that she made me feel incompetent (yes, I used that word in the email) and tried to explain my perspective on the creation of the deck, why I chose to include/exclude certain things, and why I chose to email this to her in the first place (you see, I’m much better with my words when they’re written). She stated that she would address both (deck/perspective) in our meeting the next day.

The next day comes and we address the deck point by point. While it’s clear to me (and her) that what she wants can’t happen and that other people are skewing the data I need to use, she decided to take over the deck because she wasn’t “comfortable with the way that I’ve handled it.” By the end of the conversation, she did give me her sincerest apology that one of her comments led me to delete a statistic – you see – she wanted it on another slide… and no, there was no real mention of the second half of my email.

While I was a little down after the conversation, I quickly perked up because I realized that my circumstance isn’t permanent. Whatever God, karma, the fates, have in store for me is much greater than my yesterday, my today even. This isn’t an angry employee rant, but rather a few words to help you find your own perspective. Reframe what you’re seeing for your life. Maybe you’re having a not so hot day/week. Maybe you failed a class last semester and don’t know how you’ll recover this semester. Maybe someone recently passed away and you’re wondering how to move on. Maybe your closest friend(s) let you down – again – and it’s draining you. Whatever it is, whether you’re going through some of your smallest or greatest challenges, just know that your tomorrow can be different from your today if you have the right perspective. I’m not down because I know this is all temporary. Every situation in life teaches you about yourself and how you can grow. No matter what happens, don’t let someone else clip your wings or tell you that you can’t fly. Don’t listen to your Woodys. You are an amazing Buzz Lightyear. Even when you find yourself to be at your lowest, just remember somehow you’ll make it even if you don’t know it yet.

I’ve never had someone question my intelligence before. Can’t say what I’ve learned from this situation yet; however, since all great things take time I’ve assessed it as being “part of the process.” I’ve realized that I’m growing like a weed here, but somewhere else I’d be a cherry blossom. I just need to figure it all out and not lose sight of my perspective.


Song of the Day: Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars

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