Audition Tape

For the rest of his life this kid has a stellar, ready-made video if he ever wants to “make it big”.

Jon Cozart created a medley of Disney princess perspectives after the cameras stopped rolling on their ‘happily ever after’. The sheer talent and dedication that he portrays in this video is amazing. Hearing his back story from his TedxYouth Talk (yes, this kid has already been guest for a Ted Talk – sigh), makes you understand the word perseverance a little more. You never hear about or really think about the trials and failures that your favorite celebrity, personality, hero went through because you usually only focus on their success.

If you’ve a wish to do something, do it. Follow through. It may be hard in the beginning, but you never know where you just might end up. I highly doubt Jon knew where he’d end up after he made his first video in the 7th grade dressed as Hitler. The journey you take is much more important than your destination; make it worthwhile.

**Alas, there was no desire to make this a motivational piece as the video is about a cappella singing and Disney princesses, but we are where we are. Use my wisdom for your future successes. You’re welcome.**

Song of the Day: When You Wish Upon a Star – (sung by) Julie Andrews

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