So, What Is She Wearing…?

Typically I don’t care about watching fabulous people wear fabulous things as they get interviewed on their fabulous lives and get honored for their fabulous work and go to fabulous parties after their fabulous awards show. Typically I don’t focus on these things because I’m typically too jealous trying to figure out my life and shaking my magic 8 ball trying to see if I’m going to end up having a fabulous time like these fabulous people one day. Sigh. Yes. There was major repetition. It was intended.

Anywho, a few friends came over to watch the SAG Awards last night and I must say it was a record night. This was the first time I watched the red carpet on E! and the first time I watched any awards show in its entirety. I usually just like to read the sparknotes version of awards shows on E! or The Huffington Post or a random blog or two, but I’ve decided that today I want to be that random blog or two!

Below are my favorite actresses and their looks from last night’s festivities. Please note that you’ll see me listed in one of these lists as well one day. #waitonit #hahaha #laughatyourownjokeday

Song of the Day: Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder

Julianna Margulies >>> Giambattista Valli


Viola Davis >>> Max Mara (Won for Outstanding Female Actor in a Drama Series)


Natalie Dormer >>> Naeem Khan


Emmy Rossum >>> Giorgio Armani


Sarah Hyland >>> Vera Wang


Emma Stone >>> Dior (Won for Oustanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture – Birdman)


Lupita Nyong’o >>> Elie Saab


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