I am still reeling.

The way the Seahawks lost last night’s game is  still a little fresh on my mind (well, if you disregard all the post game footage that I watched in the past two hour).

While I cannot say I am a true Seahawks fan (I am a DEFINITE bandwagoner – Go Cowboys!), last night’s loss was like a dagger to the heart. It feels like winter is coming (cough – GoT reference).

Today, I leave you with heartbreaking gifs that sum up my pain, not only for the Seahawk loss, but also the debacle that was the Ohio State/Alabama Sugar bowl game. Two times this year, the teams I rooted for lost their chance to make history (Alabama – 1st team to win the College Football Playoff) and Russell Wilson (winning two back to back Super Bowls while still under his rookie contract). Either way, I know both teams will come back with a vengeance next year and I am excited to see every high and crushing low of next season.

Richard Sherman’s poignant reaction to losing the Super Bowl

Bama fans reacting to the Sugar Bowl. I feel your pain, sirs. I really do.

The incredible catch that ‘won’ the game…

….or so we thought.

Song of the Day: Ooh Child – The Five Stairsteps


What are your thoughts?

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