Quote of the Week

“Do they have Tinder in Dubai?”

– A friend who shall remain nameless.

Well. It seems my friends and I are going to wreak havoc in Dubai in T – 48 hours. While some are excited for our private yacht tour in the harbor as we see the manmade islands and “turn up” and some are excited to go sandboarding and ride camels and what not, I have a few friends who are excited about bagging a sheikh in hopes that their far-fetched dreams of marriage into an oil family might actually happen.

Let me explain that my friends and I think we’re Vanderbilts even though we really make slightly more than the Evans’ on Good Times. We capitalized on one of the greatest Christmas presents ever and I ended up paying $177.80RT for a trip that is normally $1,000+. All pricey activities aside, this should be a trip for the memory books.I’m nervous (hello. ISIS is only a stone’s throw away). I’m excited (#teamJesus). I’m ready. I told you that 2015 was going to be different and the first quarter is leading to some interesting adventures. I hope your first quarter of the year is shaping up as well!

What are your thoughts?

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