You know when things are going perfectly fine and you’re basking in the glow of a recent tan from an international getaway and life just kinda throws an unexpected, mind shattering curve ball your way? Yeah… today is definitely one of those days. Today is one of those days that made me realize that I genuinely have to hit reset with my life and come up with a “game plan” as my ‘work brother/husband/mentor/friend’ told me today. This is something I’m sure to give you more detail on one day, but the wound is too fresh and the “game plan” is so murky I barely know how to explain it all to myself let alone to my few readers.

I’ve reached the gamut of emotions today. From laughing, to crying, to giving no fux, to feeling completely lost, to feeling secure in myself, to feeling like a failure… I’ve exhausted my brain and emotional palette all before 2:30pm.

I’m grateful for things, trying to mollify my anxiety towards other aspects of life… but either way this is all a part of the journey, story, rollercoaster that is Monisola [long middle name] Oyedepo’s life. Ha, I hope you’re enjoying your front row seat.

I also hope you’re appreciative of and enjoying the path that you find yourself on as well.

Song of the Day: I Don’t Fuck With You – Big Sean

What are your thoughts?

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