“Lord, thank you for the many times I have cried out to you and you have heard me and set me free. You deliver me from all my troubles. Help me today to keep my tongue from evil, to do good and to seek peace. Help me to live in harmony with others, not to repay evil with evil or insult with insult but rather with blessing. Thank you that it is for a life of freedom that Christ has set me free.”

– Psalm 34:11-22

This morning I read the devotional for March 16. Yes… I’m a tad behind in my Bible in One Year app as I’m really on February 22, but that’s neither here nor there and the Lord knows my heart and all of that good jazz. However, this sense of peace that I’ve felt in the past 48 hours is palpable. That day’s devotional was titled ‘Now I’m Free’ and I actually believe it and feel it. Being at peace with yourself is such a weightless, freeing feeling. Granted, I’ve no clue where my path is leading me, I’m excited by the steps I’m taking. I hope that you find comfort in your steps and can find a source to lean on when you need it most as well.

Song of the Day: All He Says I Am – Gateway Worship (Cody Carnes, Kari Jobe)

What are your thoughts?

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