Quote of the Week // Day XVII

Every time you hit snooze, you’re delaying your dreams by 9 minutes…

– Pastor Mark Batterson on a sermon about Self-Control


Have you ever been in the audience of a sermon, lecture, speaker series or professional Q&A panel and had the overwhelming, unnerving feeling that the speaker (who has never met you before) randomly seeped into your mind and is toying with you by addressing every thought, point or question you’ve had recently? << If this hasn’t happened to you yet, you’re clearly not questioning life enough or attending enough intellectually stimulating events << do better.

Anyway. The sermon was about self-control and how we need to “start making decisions against ourselves.” Now. I’ll be honest. I have no idea what that means. However, I walked away with realizing that my constant cycle of making grand sweeping changes in my life and being surprised and befuddled when they don’t work out is old and useless and a waste of time.

I should explain that typically once a month I either say “I’m not eating anymore carbs or processed foods” or “I’m gonna start doing INSANITY” or “I’m gonna do a juice cleanse” or “I’m gonna cut out TV and start reading books” or “I’m gonna cut out discretionary spending” typically leads to me being ‘solid’ for about 4-6 days and then doing the COMPLETE opposite of my gesture [ie: eating a grilled cheese with a side of crackers and cheese or ‘running’ to Chipotle and getting a 2x meat bowl with an extra tortilla (so.. yes… two) or binge watching House of Cards or Game of Thrones or random YouTube videos or going through Urban Outfitters feeling obligated to spend money just because I’m there]. This is an unhealthy cycle that I’ve found myself in for about the past year and some change now.

That being said, Sunday was a wakeup call of sorts (I’ve had many of these lately). Sure, I’ve been told that I have ZERO self-control plenty of times, but it’s entirely different when a man of the cloth tells you about yourself. For the past few months I thought I had a binge eating disorder. Seriously. I did. I sent a link to a friend to prove that I had symptoms and was going to bring it up in my next doctor’s appt. You see… I can get ‘distracted’ and can eat *cough shovel* a bag of popcorn, an apple, kiwi, and three handfuls of trail mix (all after dinner mind you) when I initially went to the kitchen for a glass of water. Sure, these are all ‘healthy’ but I can’t have junk food around… I gorge on that too (Tina, I’m sure I owe you two bags of chips by now. Bless you for still loving me. I’ll get you more soon).

Bottom line. He talked about self-control. And how all things are permissible, but not everything is beneficial. And how SC is the difference between being great and mediocre (one of my greatest fears). And he tied it into a great sports analogy to connect to the former athlete that’s still deep down inside me somewhere. And he explained fasting (something I’ve strongly considered recently). It was a pretty trippy sermon. Either way, he made it clear that SC requires discipline. The more disciplined you are in one area of life, the more you’ll be disciplined in other aspects of life. I harbor 0% SC. If I want it, I get it (usually I eat it). I’ve realized it’s time for me to finally take MJ’s advice and look into the mirror and evaluate what I truly want and how to achieve these goals.

That being said, I decided Sunday night that I was no longer hitting the snooze button. Monday, I turned on the lights and got back under the covers… Tuesday, I rolled onto the floor and just kinda stayed there facedown for a few minutes… Today, was a little better. I changed my alarm to ‘Know Yourself’ and Drake screaming “running through the 6 with my woes” scared me awake. Progress!

If you have a chance, watch the video. Even if you’re not a Christian there are some good quotes to write down. At the very least watch the intro graphics. They’re cool. This might be the next Google search that I dub as “free educational classes” for the month.


Song of the Day: Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson

What are your thoughts?

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