What Could’ve Been…


Just watched RiRi’s iHeartRadio performance of #BBHMM. It was… alright. The song is FIREit’s just that we all know Rihanna’s talents lie more in walking on a red carpet than actually performing on a stage.


I was thoroughly distracted by her outfit as she looked like a reject from Sesame Street, but it wasn’t until Sarah said, “you know… if Beyoncé had this song she would’ve killed it.”

It was in that moment that chills truly covered my body and it felt like I was sucked into an arctic vortex as the thought truly sank in that Bey would’ve rejuvenated my spirit in those blessed four minutes than giving me something to nod my head to.

Bey would’ve given me Flawless attitude

With Say My Name synchronized dancing

Freakum Dress costume changes

and a signature dance move that I would’ve busted out at the club that a man just might be tempted to Put a Ring On It….

Ohhh what could have been….. Sigh.


One thought on “What Could’ve Been…

  1. Bey just has that ability. She kills EVERY performance. She gives you amazing vocals, dance moves, and outfits. #BeyHive4Life
    BBHMM has a nice beat!!

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