Livin’ On A Prayer

A summary of my life in recent weeks:

  1. I quit my job with nothing to replace it
  2. My sister’s job moved me to LA, where I now reside
  3. My current 9-5 is being a live-in maid/cook for said sister
  4. Jesus and I have become best friends in recent weeks
  5. FUNemployment was once horrible, now I love it!

Lemme explain. Spring 2015, I probably hit one of my lowest of lows – ever. I wanted to quit my job (hated it since orientation, but April 2015…), I wanted to abandon my car in a sketchy neighborhood with the doors unlocked (car payments, car insurance, parking tickets and gas all add up to a lot of unpurchased clothes), I wanted to pretend to be a butterfly and crawl into the fetal position until I magically transformed into a better, more successful version of myself (because I suck). I kind of hated life as it was VERY clear that it hated me.

At the same time, my sister was interviewing for jobs all over the nation as she looked for a new hospital to call home (she’s a fancy surgeon, saving lives and combatting cancer or whatever). She was kind of feeling low as amazing interview after amazing interview didn’t materialize into anything. After months of bewilderment, a random LA job came a knocking on her door. They’re confused why she’s still on the market. She’s confused why the ‘perfect’ job is across the country. I should explain that we’re a small, close-knit family – it’s east coast or bust. However, this place loved/valued her so much her final package poo-pooed on every other offer that was presented to her during the months of interviewing. Overnight she went from feeling undervalued and loathsome, to accomplished and poised to take on the world.

In the weeks of evaluating and negotiating this job, our initial joke of me quitting my job and becoming her freeloading roommate started to transform into real conversations. Fast forward a few months (I can’t skip over the fact and need to address again that HER JOB AGREED TO PAY FOR MY RELOCATION AS WELL – praise him!), and here we are.

I haven’t had this much downtime since the summer before college. Ever summer since 2009 I’ve interned or worked or backpacked in Europe. I’ve never had this much time to just sit. At times I find me rather boring. At times Google takes me down rabbit holes of the internet I didn’t know existed. At times getting trapped in my own thoughts scare me. At times random thoughts like being a soccer mom don’t seem like such a bad idea.

Either way, I’ve done a lot of sitting. Now, the words are manifesting and I’m in a fevorous writing phase. I just got my latest HuffPo blog published. It’s rather morbid, but something to ponder nonetheless. Before I left DC, people would tell me ‘you’re so brave for doing this’ or ‘I don’t understand how you could do this, I could never do what you’re doing‘. In the moment, I didn’t really understand the steps I was taking – I was moving on auto pilot in one direction. Now that I look back at my life, it’s rather surreal that I’m typing these words in my (sister’s) new condo on the west coast as I glance at palm trees between my thoughts. I guess I am kinda ballsy. I’ve already played on the beach, sat in the audience of Let’s Make a Deal, met execs at top entertainment companies, had a job interview from a Craigslist posting, bonded a lot with my sister and started to establish a friend group out here. Excited to see what kind of adventures I stumble into out here.

Song of the Day: Show Me What You Got – Jay-Z

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