Personal Exercise: Write Your Own Eulogy

The Huffington Post recently published a random blog I submitted.

I was watching A Different World the other day and in their public speaking class (taught by Whoopi Goldberg) the students had an assignment that required them to write their own eulogies. Tisha Campbell (Gina, from Martin) guest starred in this episode as her character wrote her eulogy on dying within two years after having unprotected sex with her boyfriend in high school and acquiring HIV.

This was a huge deal as HIV/AIDS was such a taboo, terrifying topic of discussion in the early 90s. The episode had me wondering what my eulogy would consist of and if I would be satisfied with the person I became once I left this earth. Obviously I have no plas of dying anytime soon and I hope that some of the far fetched things I have outlined for my future come true. Who knows, maybe I’ll accomplish some things that I’ve never even thought of before! Whatever the case, I found this to be a healthy exercise as I evaluated what’s important to me and unearthed random dreams I didn’t know I had.

I challenge you to do the same. Maybe you’re on track to becoming the person you’re satisfied as dying as. Maybe you’ve never thought about your future or even your present and you’d cry if you realized that you’d die next week and weren’t on track to being the person you wanted to become. Wherever you are in this life of yours use the words you write about yourself as motivation on your personal journey.

Song of the Day: Forever Young – Alphaville

What are your thoughts?

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